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HAIR Repair

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PRP & Microneedling

(Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy)

PRP For Hair & Skin

Hair Fall Treatment in Thrissur

Made famous by the renowned celebrity, Kim Kardashian in 2013, Platelet-Rich-Plasma therapy also known as Vampire facial is a much-sought skincare procedure of the modern age. Looking for effective Hair Loss Treatment in Thrissur?

Glowyoung offers top-notch solutions for Hair Fall Treatment in Thrissur, ensuring healthier and rejuvenated hair. Book today! Defending the skin barrier with increased collagen production and moisture retention, it resists wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, and other visible signs of aging. Glowyoung Thrissur offers specialized PRP treatment as part of their comprehensive solutions for Hair Fall Treatment in Thrissur, ensuring optimal results and renewed hair health. Induced from the client’s plasma, we ensure that GlowYoung’s Vampire facial is also effective in treating melasma, acne scars, and stretch mark removal.

Laser Hair Reduction

Hair Loss Treatment in Thrissur

The scary name among aesthetic procedures, laser hair removal is the procedure that has earned several nightmare stories to its credit in the past. 

PRP therapy is a relatively Hair Loss Treatment in Thrissur that has gained popularity in recent years. It involves injecting the patient’s platelet-rich plasma into the scalp to promote hair growth. This therapy is effective in stimulating hair follicles and promoting hair growth in both men and women.

The Hair Fall Treatment Center offers hair transplantation using the latest technologies and techniques to deliver natural-looking results. The procedure involves harvesting hair follicles from the back of the patient’s head and transplanting them to the areas of thinning or baldness.  GlowYoung is equipped with modern gear that ensures effective hair removal with the least or no pain procedures. With a minimum recovery period, GlowYoung’s Laser Hair Reduction offers a visible reduction of hair and peach fuzz.

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Body Contouring

Body Contouring at GlowYoung assists you to achieve a beautiful silhouette. The non- surgical procedure doesn’t necessarily aid in losing body weight. Body Contouring is the preferred treatment for those who have excess skin after the weight loss journey and for those who require assistance in losing weight from specific areas. This procedure is minimal to noninvasive and helps to tighten the skin and acquire a beautiful shape.


Skin pigmentation induced by abnormal melanin production may not be comfortable for all. At Glow Young we have curated an effective de-pigmentation treatment to achieve an even skin tone and healthy skin with improved collagen production.

De Pigmentation
PRP Treatment for Hair - Glow Young Clinic

Mesotherapy for Hair & Skin

Mesotherapy is an advanced technique of injecting a multivitamin solution into the skin to rejuvenate the skin. At Glow Young, this noninvasive and nonsurgical procedure is performed by highly trained staff making use of premium products and equipment. The slowing down and/or delaying purpose of aging is what makes Mesotherapy a commonly availed treatment at GlowYoung.

Chemical Peels

The procedure involves the topical application of a skin-safe chemical solution to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back will be visibly smoother. GlowYoung’s chemical peel treatment fights wrinkles and skin discoloration and is highly effective in the reduction of acne scars and marks. With a light or medium peel, you may need to undergo the procedure more than once to get the desired results. Deeper chemical peels offer more- dramatic results but with a longer recovery period.

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Medi Facial Clinic in Thrissur

Ample moisture is one of the significant keys to healthy skin. GlowYoung’s Medi Facial Clinic in Thrissur restores adequate moisturization to your skin making it soft and glowing. The procedure involves a combined application of chemical peels along with laser devices.


Cautery being an innovative and evolving area of dermatology that addresses a variety of skin concerns and problems, the popularity of this procedure is increasing day by day. At GlowYoung, Cautery procedure is done to treat a variety of lesions such as milia, syringomas, facial warts, and skin tags. Even though this procedure can be worked on most skin types, to identify the ideal methodology of the treatment that will compliment the nature of your skin, an in-depth consultation prior to treatment with our specialists at GlowYoung is required.



A newer, and more advanced Botox-based injection technique that originated in Korea about a decade ago gives a much more natural result. The Botox-based skin rejuvenation treatment is used to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, and frown lines. It is an effective anti-aging, and wrinkle prevention treatment to maintain a more youthful appearance, and improves the skin’s texture. GlowYoung, with our trained professionals, ensures the seamless undertaking of the procedure with exceptional products for superior results.

Skin Lightening

Constant exposure to harmful pollutants and UV rays can affect your skin harmfully making it dull, dry, and pigmented. Apart from the treatments, what makes The Glow Young, the Best Skin Care Clinic in Thrissur, Kochi, Kerala is its welcoming and friendly environment. At GlowYoung, we employ various skin-lightening treatments that ensure the authentic nature of your original skin. Our Famous skin specialist in Thrissur offers personalized treatments to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin. 

Skin Lightening
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Herbal Medifacial

It’s all in the name. A facial that is infused with rich herbs, toxin-free, and effective! A healthier and natural alternative to get that glow from within, Herbal Medi Facial is one of the effective ways to promote healthy skin. This potent procedure can tackle commonly found skin concerns like eczema, hyperpigmentation, clogged pores, and dry skin. Enhancing the blood flow, this non-invasive facial is known to have an actual rejuvenating effect.


One of the viral, and widely acclaimed cosmetic procedures that have been sought out by top-grossing film stars, models, and celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Lady Gaga, and the Kardashians, and so many more to maintain their youthful, and alluring appearance. The lack/gradual reduction in collagen levels can result in the skin becoming saggy, losing its elasticity, and dry as one ages. Fillers efficiently smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, even the symmetry of the facial features, add a healthy volume, and create overall healthy and vibrant skin.



Let us take the burden off of your chest right away by making it clear that this is a non-surgical procedure! One of the finest ways to lift and tighten sagging skin (as the name suggests), this is an effective treatment to redefine facial contour. This can be used to lift the brows, cheeks, jawline, and neck, and even fix the Marionette lines or the unflattering droopy wrinkles around the mouth. Thread Lift is an efficient way to achieve an instant youthful appearance by making your feature more flattering.